Product Photography Tips to Help You Sell Out Your Products

Product Photography Tips to Help You Sell Out Your Products

Imagine a Sales Rep of a brand walks up to you to advertise a liquid washing soap that just got into the market; after her long talk, your next question will most likely be, “can I have a look at it?” I bet that discussion will die an untimely death if she tells you that she doesn’t have a sample of the product or a picture to show what it looks like. That is exactly what happens when you list an item on or any other online store without a product image. It is also important to note that a poor quality product image is as good as none at all since both cases won’t be helping you close sales.
In this article, we would be pointing out some photography tips you can apply the next time you need to take a picture of your product for marketing purpose. 

A Mobile Phone Can Do The Trick

Do you know that you do not need to hire a professional photographer or get an expensive camera to capture your product beautifully? All thanks to modern technology and brands manufacturing high-end mobile devices with impeccable camera quality, you can now get the work done in no time. 

Angle of Shot

When it comes to product photography your creativity will be tested. Those used products you intend to put up for sale might actually be in good condition but how can a buyer tell if your product image says otherwise. Shoot your shot from the right angle.


Natural or artificial light, which should you use? This might be a question bugging you, well, here is the simple answer. Natural lightening looks great when the focus is on the individual who is advertising the product; it works best for fashion items, especially when they wear the item to model it. However, artificial lights have an interesting way of helping your camera focus exactly on areas of the product you wish to project. 


A lousy or distracting background will only shift a prospect’s focus from the product and its features to the background. If background selection is really not your thing, stick with a white background because you can’t go wrong with white. However, the rule of contrast applies when selecting a background. A light background should be used for a product with dark colours while a dark or dull background should be used for products with bright colours. Never make the mistake of placing a product with patterns or several colours on a patterned background.


The neatness of your product adds more spice to how your product will look like in a picture. Even when you are selling used products, they also need to look great to attract customers. Clean up your items, wash and iron clothes before you take a picture of them.

To sum up all that has been highlighted, note that when consumers view a product page they are actually looking for proof of quality and value. Get your product sold out by making use of these product photography tips.