Essential Things to Check Before Buying a Smartphone in Nigeria.

Essential Things to Check Before Buying a Smartphone in Nigeria.

Buying a Smartphone in Nigeria can seem like the easiest thing in the world to do; after all, all you need is your money and you can find your way to a reliable store to purchase a phone. But you will soon find out it is not as easy as you think when you consider the wide range of phones available in the market today. Plus, buying a phone is a decision you cannot afford to take with levity because you will most likely be dropping a sizable amount of money, so you should be getting some value in return. This is why you should know the essential things to consider before buying a Smartphone in Nigeria.

Your Budget

This is obviously the first thing to consider because you shouldn’t be breaking the bank to buy a phone except that phone will be bringing you more money. Luckily, there are different options to pick from; so you can find one you can afford. However, if a phone is a little over your budget at its launch, you can wait for a few months to get it. The price should have dropped by then.

Battery Life

If you live in Nigeria, surely, you understand why this is of utmost importance. Electricity supply in most parts of Nigeria is epileptic, therefore, it is important to put this into consideration before buying a smartphone in Nigeria. Also, charging your phone too frequently reduces the lifespan of the battery and the phone, so buying one with a high battery life will reduce how frequently you will have to charge it.


Surely, you don't want to change phones every year. You will want one with high durability so it can stand the test of time. Advertisements will definitely not reveal what you need to know about the durability of a phone. But you can find out what you need to know by reading reviews and watching drop tests of phones on YouTube.

Phone Spec

This is probably one of the most important factors to consider. Before you decide to buy a phone, you should have decided on the specifications you want and that would be determined by what you need the phone for. Do you need a phone with internet access or not? Do you need iOS or Android phones? It will be a big mistake to buy a phone without a comprehensive idea of the specifications of the phone. You can find many tech sites online that provide detailed information on the specifications and features of different models. Also, reviews by users would help.


Most phones have a minimum of one year warranty, so make sure to get a phone that has a warranty. It will be a financial loss if your phone develops factory faults or errors and you will have to repair it yourself or buy something new. Making sure to protect yourself when buying a phone is important.

Repair Centre

Another important factor that many people don't consider is if the phone model you are interested in has a repair centre in the state/city you reside in. Imagine having to travel 3000km just to access a repair centre; the effort, time and money that will be consumed are not worth it.

Spare Parts

You might be wondering why this is on the list but think about it before you discard it. If your phone gets spoilt, you want to be able to take your phone for repairs and not be told the spare parts are not available in the country. You should definitely avoid phones with scarce spare parts in the country, so you don't fall a victim to having to buy a new phone before you are ready.